Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Professional photos from the CNYAC

Here are the two professional photos that were taken at the Central New York Alpaca Show in Weedsport, NY.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Central New York Alpaca Classic (our 1st show)

I have some terrific news from our first show at the CNYAC (see full name in title above) from Weedsport, NY. Our gorgeous boys, D. K. Templar took first and W. P. Warrior third place in the Halter shows. W. P. Warrior also took first place in the Junior Performance show, second place in Junior Public Relations show and third place in Gambler's choice with Cody as his leader/trainer. Cody was a little disappointed at only receiving third place, but Warrior did a terrific job trusting Cody and going through the obstacle courses in the performance shows. The third place ribbon was even in a class of teenagers and adults that had shown many times before. We are VERY PROUD of all of our boys and their ribbons. (I am missing a few from Saturday, i.e. Warriors picture with winning ribbons, so stay tuned for updates).

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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Alpaca pics

This is the newest addition to the farm. This little guy's name is Noah. He is Serena's new cria. He was born on June 13, 2008. We are very proud of him. He weighed in around 15 pounds at birth. Behind Noah is his dam (mother) Serena and behind him is Faleen. She is so gentle with Noah and gives him hugs by wrapping her neck around him and holding him next to her side. Of course, Noah doesn't stand still very long for this, but it is cute to see. A great picture taken by Cody of Noah and Serena heading across the pasture. Noah, very inquisitive. The picture below was taken earlier in June when it was really hot here in PA around the low 90s. We found out that Warrior really enjoys the hose. He danced and pawed at the water until there was a pretty good puddle that he could lie down in. Ahhh, helps to keep the flies off that way don't ya know?! LOL
I thought I would start this blog for a place for us to share our knowledge, excitement, and experiences about raising alpacas on Heaven's Gate Alpacas. I hope you enjoy it and come back again soon. I will try to update at least weekly or more often if there is a lot to talk about. In the picture below, Warrior is on the left, and Templar is on the right (not their full names just what we call them). Their full names are below.This weekend we are going to an AOBA Show in New York. We are excited to be showing two of our future herdsires (as they are only yearlings right now), Wonder's Peaceful Warrior and Dark Knight's Templar. I will keep you posted on how things went when I return.

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