Friday, April 24, 2009

enjoyin MAPACA!

We, Kelly, Cody and myself are having a great time here at MAPACA! There are sooo many wonderful looking Alpacas here and the competiton is very high. We will be adding more pictures and letting you know how Warrior, Templar & Noah do. Wish you were here Deb T. :-)
Thanks to all for your comments on our farm and our loves of our life, "OUR ALPACAS!"
God Bless,


Templar came home with a 5th place ribbon at MAPACA (although first place at other shows, the competition was definitely high in our state capital of Harrisburg with many BIG farms and BIG names in the alpaca business there).

MAPACA Jubilee

Alpaca Hugs and kisses from MAPACA Jubilee, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania! Here are a few photos until I can explain more. :) Kelly