Thursday, August 18, 2011


Our girl, Angel Eyes had a beautiful cria on Monday
(8/15/2011) 3:00 P.M.
Angel was bred to Raymond, a very handsome guy
with wonderful fiber,
great conformation plus a very good temperament.
O.K. I have been holding off long enough, We named our little
gal, Raymond's Rebekah, AKA Bekah.
Here is a picture of her.
Please leave us your comments.
Thank You,
Bonnie K
Heaven's Gate Alpacas

Dark Knight Templars Joshua

Hi to all of our wonderful followers!
First I want to Thank You all for the thoughts & prayers for our Hannah.
She is doing well now and she didn't have to have Surgery! Praise the Lord!
Things have been busy here at the farm.
Our man, Dark Knights Templar had a son!!
The cria, (Baby Alpaca) belongs to a couple dear friends of ours.
The name of their farm is Heavenly Sunset Alpacas.
Here is a picture of him, oh by the way his name is Joshua.
Isn't he a fine looking boy?

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Our Little Hannah

Dear Friends,

I have a problem with our 1 yr. old gray girl.  It all started around July 20th, I saw Hannah standing over the Poop Pile, as I watched her she looked like she was having trouble going. I kept my eye on her as my husband & I did the morning chores. She kept going back to the pile and nothing happened.
Leonard & I thought she needed something to help her so we gave her some fresh hay right out of the field, Bounce Back in her water & so on.
She started going fine after the fresh hay. Then I noticed she started going back to the poop pile
again & again. I knew something was wrong so I really kept a close eye on her. Then I saw what the problem was, SHE was having trouble PEEING!!
I called our Vet right away and he said bring her over to my office (Which is an hour & a half from our farm).
When we got there the assistant was able to get a urine sample, they also took a blood sample.
Hannah's temp was fine but the Urine test showed crystals in her Urine.
She was started with Naxcel & Banamine. Naxcel was 2 shots for 7 days and Banamine 2 shots for 5 days.
Needless to say that medicine didn't take care of it. After talking to our Vet. he said the best thing to due was take her to Cornell University where the had the thing to tell them what was going on. Dr. B thought the crystals had formed a stone & if that is the case Hannah will have to have surgery to get them out! :( She is going to Cornell on Tuesday but if things take a turn where she can't pee at all then we call them & rush her to Cornell!
"So if you could please keep Hannah in your prayers!"
I will keep you informed about our Beautiful Hannah.

God Bless us everyone,
Bonnie Klingman
Here At Heaven's Gate Alpacas

Follow Up on Veryls Puppies

Hi All,
I just wanted to report to you that all Veryl Simmons puppies have all been sold but 1 little guy. I'm sure Veryl won't be upset if he doesn't sell because she already had a name for him.
He was the smallest of the litter so she always called him Peanut!
Thank You all for checking out our blog.
Feel free to ask me any questions. I'll be glad to answer them!
Take Care & God Bless!!


Saturday, July 9, 2011

Veryl Simmons Great Pyrenees Puppies

Click on picture to enlarge

Hi Everyone!!

I apologize for not posting anything for sometime, I'll try to keep up with posting more often.
I have a dear friend that has an Alpaca Farm, plus two working Great Pyrenees, Autumn & Whisper. They are the proud parents of 10 puppies, 2 girls & 8 boys. The 2 girls have been sold but the boys are all available. They are 9 weeks old so they are ready for their new forever homes. The boys are all white, the parents are all white also. If you are looking for a Handsome male just call Veryl Simmons at (814)367-5217 or email her at or you can call me at (570)376-4026 or email me at I've attached a picture of these awesome puppies. The price for these boys are $400.00 each. I'm sure these boys will go quickly at this price. They can be registered also.
Thank You for looking.

God Bless,
Bonnie Klingman

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Heavens Gate Alpacas ... thawing out

Well, we have certainly had our share of snow this year .. and although the alpacas don't mind ... we are so READY for spring!!   Here are some pics to share with you.

The first one is our uncle Raphael (gelding with buttery soft black fleece) and his buddy Warrior (our friendly public relations paca who is GREAT at obstacle courses).

This is Zechariah (with such soft, dense white fleece and some gray background from his mama Faleeen).  He has such a nice disposition, good confirmation and overall charm.

This photo is of two of the pups from last August (about the same size as their mom now), and
just as sweet in demeanor as she is but great protectors of the herd.

Hope spring is arriving soon at your home.  Stop by and visit us again soon!