Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Empire's Photo Contest Submission

Well, although we didn't win, I just wanted to share with you some photos that Kelly shot and submitted for the Empire Photo Contest last month. Even though they didn't get an honorable mention, we are very proud of them . . .

The caption for this one was "Alpaca See . . . Alpaca Doo."
Lazarus was only a few days old, and after following mom across the field she stopped and showed him what he was supposed to do near "the pile"
(at first I thought if only they had wings they looked like they were ready for take off).

This one was called "Precious and Few (are the moments)," and it had been printed out in black and white for the contest. Cody had sat down by Amber in the field and was talking to her when she put her head over almost on his shoulder like she was wanting a hug. She is such a sweet gal, you can't help but love her!!

This one is my all time favorite! It was named "A Mother's Love."
It is another picture of Serena and Lazarus (the cuter end).
So . . . leave us a comment and let us know what YOU think of them.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Our DSG, Dark Knight's Templar, took 2nd place!

Well, the competition was tough again at the Empire Alpaca Extravaganza. We took 3 alpacas this time, Templar, Neveah and Noah. Templar did very well and came home with a second place ribbon (the judge said the alpaca above him in first place had fleece just a little brighter and finer than Templar so we feel pretty good about that).

We also showed him in the Herdsire Showcase and are hoping other farms see the wonderful dark silver grey (DSG) potential that his blood line could produce in their crias too. He is a definite night in shining armor on our farm.

Templar has started breeding, and we are really looking forward to seeing his first cria late May or early June 2010.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Western New York Alpaca Show and Praise!!

We have lots of photos and ribbons from the Western New York Alpaca Show, but I have limited time the next couple of days, so hang in there to see more!!

Here is HGA Noah's photo with his blue ribbon, his handler Cody and one of his owners Bonnie.

Here is Dark Knight's Jumpin Jehoshaphat and his handler, Cody, received a third place ribbon
(The color is wrong on the ribbon though in case you were wondering).

We also want to thank you ALL for your wonderful prayers! Lazarus started nursing from his mama, Serena, over the weekend, and he seems to be doing much better. He lost a little weight at first, but the last couple of days, he has remained steady now. Praise the Lord!! :D

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Here he is . . .

Our new boy on the farm . . .

Serena finally gave birth Tuesday morning to this little sweetie. We decided to name his Alonzo's Lazarus. Please say a little prayer for our little one though, as he hasn't been nursing from his mama and we are getting ready to go to the alpaca show in Cuba, New York. Bonnie has been bottle feeding him, and unfortunately Leonard will have to take over that job if little Lazarus doesn't soon get the hang of his "mama" has the goods. :)

Thanks for all your well wishes,

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Anxiously awaiting

OH my goodness,

Has it been that long since we blogged?! Wow, sorry, gals. Life and work (ok mostly work of some sort) just seems to get in the way.

This fourth of July weekend, we are anxiously waiting for the arrival of Serena's cria. She was due on June 30th, but she still hasn't given up that little one for the rest of us to seeeeee. (can you tell I am mostly the one anxiously waiting?)

Yesterday morning, no signs of labor except a little bit of nostril flaring but maybe that is just because she is uncomfortable and can't stand any of the other alpacas getting too close. Then this morning I peek out at 5:30 a.m. and all the girls are moving about ALREADY, so I don a jacket, head on up to the barn to see "nothing" really going on again. They all look at me like why are you up here so early in the morning?! lol So, I am still patiently waiting (not so patiently). lol

Hugs from Kelly :) for

Friday, April 24, 2009

enjoyin MAPACA!

We, Kelly, Cody and myself are having a great time here at MAPACA! There are sooo many wonderful looking Alpacas here and the competiton is very high. We will be adding more pictures and letting you know how Warrior, Templar & Noah do. Wish you were here Deb T. :-)
Thanks to all for your comments on our farm and our loves of our life, "OUR ALPACAS!"
God Bless,


Templar came home with a 5th place ribbon at MAPACA (although first place at other shows, the competition was definitely high in our state capital of Harrisburg with many BIG farms and BIG names in the alpaca business there).

MAPACA Jubilee

Alpaca Hugs and kisses from MAPACA Jubilee, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania! Here are a few photos until I can explain more. :) Kelly

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring is here?

Some photos for your enjoyment . . . taken 03/21/09

Shiphrah after a roll in the hay . . .

Warrior disgusted that Noah is getting more attention than he is (Noah giving kisses in the background to Bonnie)

Kelly with Noah . . . awww


Ariel, Warrior, and Noah watching our min pin on the farm (look at their attentive stance)

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Crias Then and Now . . .

Okay, yesterday I posted the crias in review from this past year, and their photos were mostly the day of their birth or within the week of their birth. Here are some photos of the crias now. :)

This first one is really blurry (sorry for that). It was bright and sunny outside of the barn roof area, but dark here underneath. This is Noah from early January. He is now over with the "big boys," and picks on them now, although not quite as much as he did the smaller crias. I think he was kinda put in his place by Warrior and Rafael's grumble. *wink*

This one is a picture of Nevaeh. She is getting quite a bit bigger than she was just a few short months ago. Hard to tell she was a preemie now. She is actually quite a bit taller than Zack, and she looks to be a little bigger than Joey (but the fluffy fleece can fool you). When they are shorn late spring, we will be able to really tell their size better.

Here's our little Shiphrah. When she gets out, she runs and runs and runs circles around the pasture getting everyone riled up. :) It is really funny to watch. Of course, you see she is more interested in the camera than where her mom is going.

Here are the "partners in crime." Well, not too much they can get into really, but where one is the other is sure to follow. This is a photo of Zack and Joey who were probably just nipping at one another's feet, if I know them.

And lastly, I just had to show you a newer photo of the "pups!" From left to right, Sophia now weighs in close to 90 lbs and Ariel is about 20 lbs behind her in weight. They are really doing well with the alpacas, bonding with them and learning they are there to protect and guard them. Sophie does her rounds around the perimeter while Ariel sits back and seems like she says, "I got your back, sis. Howl if you need me." lol They are sure beautiful dogs when they aren't wet from the snow, and Sophie can stand right up on her hind legs and put her paws on your shoulders, she is that tall already (although this is not encouraged for obvious reasons).

Hope you have enjoyed the newer photos of the little ones. I am sure there will be more photo opportunities in the spring when the frozen "tundra" we call Tioga county thaws out a bit.

We are also looking forward to another alpaca show towards the end of April in Harrisburg, and we will keep you informed if/when we go. Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, February 6, 2009


Wow, we have been such BAAAADDD bloggers lately. I am so sorry. I have been wanting to get some photos of a year in review on here for the past month and just have not found the time to do so.

This was our first year raising alpacas, and there has been quite a bit to learn with surely more to learn still. All in all, it has been a very productive year for our crias. The herd has doubled, and I wanted to show you some photos of proof. :) So here goes . . .

First to be born on the farm was Noah (shown here with his mama, Serena). Noah was born June 13, 2008. He had an easy birth and hit the ground running. He was up and moving around in no time. Such an easy birth for both his mother and midwife, Bonnie. Nice way to start off the birthing season.

Then came another white cria, but this time a little female -- Nevaeh (we pronounce it Nee-Vah) August 10, 2008. She was a bit premature and had to grow into her long neck and had such pink skin that showed through her fleece, around her nose and eyes. Her mama is Angel (one of the newest adult females to the farm).

Then on August 29, 2008, along came Jumpin' Jehosaphat aka Joey from an all white dam (Amber), he surprised us with a dark to medium grey face and medium to dark fawn body. His name was the exclamation Kelly thought of when she heard "we had another boy!"

Next was Zechariah aka Zack who was another white male born to Faleen. He was born September 3, 2008. Zack and Nevaeh were hard to tell apart once they grew a little bit (Nevaeh caught up to Zack's size pretty quickly) and unless they were with their mamas, you had to be close enough to see their eyes. Zack has dark skin around his eyes and a dark nose, unlike Nevaeh's pink.

The last cria of the year was born on October 16, 2008 a pretty little black girl that really has quite the personality. We named her Shiphrah (shif-rah). Not sure if she is a true black or bay black yet, but I think we will let that up to the judges. She has to be the most "vocal" of the cria that we have heard so far. She grunts (not really a hum like most alpacas but more like a grunt and groan), and boy does she carry on when you are holding her still to get her cria coat on when it is cold. She is also so inquisitive and tips her head to the side and watches you when you are near her stall or near her mama. Shiphrah's dam is Honey (one of the newest adult females to the farm).

Stay tuned for tomorrow when I hope to have some newer photos of the crias to show you how much they have grown.