Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Feels Like Winter on the Farm

Although the calendar doesn't say it's winter . . . the chill is definitely in the air in Tioga County! We have had snow off and on for the past month, and as you can see some is still lying on the ground. The pups (Sophia and Ariel-- left to right) have really gotten big (about doubled in size since we brought them home), and they are wanting Cody to come in and play here in this photo.

The alpacas don't enjoy being kept in the barn much, but they have a little bit of space to move around out in front of the barn.
Next you can see Bonnie lovin' up on Amber who usually is right by your side come feeding time and any touching, petting, or sometimes kisses from Amber herself are free for the taking. She looks like she was thinking, "okay, okay where's the grain?"
Here you can see them at feeding time when everyone was getting in their "assigned areas" for feed.
There are two females who like to get as much as they can from the others(Angel and Amber), so they are penned up alone, and then Honey and Shiprah are separate because Shiphrah is still little. Another spot is for two of the other females, and the bigger crias get to eat together as well. This seems to be the best plan to keep everyone fed well without too much spitting or squealing at the dinner trough/pans.
Last, I leave you with a "Got Milk" photo of Joey after he rinsed down his oats and grain from a trip to the milk bar. *wink* See the milk under his lip? It was all white and drippy. So cute! :)

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you too are staying warm.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

More photos soon

It will surely be a COLD day at the farm, but I hope to show you some more pictures really soon! Kelly will be visiting the farm today, and she is sure to take a few photos. :D

Stay tuned!!