Thursday, July 15, 2010

Cria #2 -- King Hezekiah is his name

Bouncing around already is his game! : )  Busy, busy today, but we just had to post a picture of this sweet chocolate boy.  This is Angel's cria . . .

Here she is . . . firstborn this year on the farm!!

Hey there, everyone!  It has been WAAAAYY too long since I have posted here.  Life, farm chores and Kelly's job have been getting in the way of all kinds of fun stuff.  :)  What's a girl to do?

Well . . . she can run off to the farm on her day off and see sweet little cria-tions like this!  Aww, isn't she cute?!  This is Faleen's cria, born this morning (I think around 11 a.m. but don't hold me to that cuz I wasn't here then).  Either way, I promised a few friends pictures, so here she is . . . no name yet as we are still debating . . . but she sure is Pretty!  Her sire is Caleb from Flying Pony, and as mentioned above her dam is Faleen (shown here on the blog in other photos too).

So leave us a comment and let us know what ya think?!

Edited:  We have decided to name her Caleb's Hannah.