Friday, August 15, 2008

Nevaeh, how do you say?

Well . . . a few of you have asked me how do you say that? We had heard of spelling heaven backwards for a pretty little girl's name by a church friend of ours, and although we loved the way they said it we wanted our little girl (okay, really our little cria) to have a unique name of her own, so . . . we decided to pronounce her name as Nee-Vah. This keeps it shorter in the 2 syllable range like Hea-ven itself is. We also thought it was a little more unique and still keeping with our Heavenly names we are planning for all of the crias born on our farm.

While Nevaeh seems to be doing well and looking just adorable, she is having some difficulty gaining weight. Please keep her in your prayers that she continues to nurse well from her mama and put on weight so that she grows up to be just as beautiful as she is to us right now.

Blessings to all of our readers,

Monday, August 11, 2008

Welcome, baby!!!

Look at what we were surprised to find last night around 10 p.m. Angel gave birth to her first cria, HGA Angel's Nevaeh. She weighed in at 13.9 pounds, but she is about 2 weeks earlier than expected. Crias are usually born with their teeth, and they are considered a preemie if they don't have them. Well, this little girl doesn't have hers through the gums yet. She is one little sweetie though, but what babies' aren't, right?! :)

Still a little wobbly, but trying to lay down like her mom does.

Ooh, oohhhh, I think I am standing. Yep, she found her footing and was standing on her own. Go little, Nevaeh, we are all cheering for you, little one!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Some photos of the girls

Here are a couple of photos I found of the girls from the farm where they are being purchased (SunRose Alpacas). Bonnie and Cody are bringing them home as I type. :) We are all very excited to see them.
Honey is a 2-year-old light brown maiden with very dense fiber, great coverage and a super brightness in her crimp. Her conformation is excellent and is shown to it's best advantage with the regal presence she exhibits in every move. She is always standing tall and square with a curious but confident expression.Honey's pedigree is literally a Who's Who among the alpaca elite. Her sire is a Dom Lucilio son, and her dam is a Curly Calib daughter and Pisco Sour granddaughter. Her paternal grandfather, Royal Fawn would be proud!
Angel (Eyes) is a dark fawn daughter of Maple Brook Bravado. Both her parents are multiple show winners. Her grandparents include Peruvian Bueno, Hemingway, Peruvian Chocolateer and Peruvian Fuego, all elite bloodlines. She has dense crimpy fleece, nice luster and a nice square frame with correct conformation. Angel has a wonderful personality, frequently sidling up against me when she wants her back scratched, and once you find the spot you're stuck because she'll stand there until your arm falls asleep! A beautiful girl with a beautiful disposition and expecting what will have to be a beautiful cria by Snowmass Casanova's Zorro in the next couple of weeks!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Two new females

Two maiden females will be added to the farm this week, so stay tuned for some pictures of our new additions. We don't have any pictures yet to show you, but Bonnie and Leonard went to see them on Saturday, and they will be bringing them home this week. One is Angel and the other Honey. Angel is due by the end of August, so we will have another cria on the farm as well. Won't Noah be happy to have someone to play with. Poor little guy has been picking on his mom and Aunt Faleen (maybe I should say poor girls), so a new little someone to romp and play with will probably be a fun addition for him as well. Then Faleen and Amber will both be giving birth the beginning of September, and then I believe Honey is due in October. So stay tuned for more pictures . . .

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