Friday, August 15, 2008

Nevaeh, how do you say?

Well . . . a few of you have asked me how do you say that? We had heard of spelling heaven backwards for a pretty little girl's name by a church friend of ours, and although we loved the way they said it we wanted our little girl (okay, really our little cria) to have a unique name of her own, so . . . we decided to pronounce her name as Nee-Vah. This keeps it shorter in the 2 syllable range like Hea-ven itself is. We also thought it was a little more unique and still keeping with our Heavenly names we are planning for all of the crias born on our farm.

While Nevaeh seems to be doing well and looking just adorable, she is having some difficulty gaining weight. Please keep her in your prayers that she continues to nurse well from her mama and put on weight so that she grows up to be just as beautiful as she is to us right now.

Blessings to all of our readers,


j said...

Keeping Nevah in our prayers...She is a little fighter so i bet she will do just great for you :):):)

Jean ( Ireland)

TA Carbone said...

I hope Nevah is doing better. Please keep us updated.