Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Meet Joey!

We had a new addition last Friday, August 29th on the farm. Here are a couple of photos of Dark Knight's Jehoshaphat (as in Jumpin' Jehoshaphat we had another boy!) LOL We are calling him Joey for short, but we think he will be a terrific little male for the show ring. His sire is Dark Knight, and his dam is Amber.
The first photo was right after he was born, hence the wet, curly look to him, and the other picture shows you his true color after he has dried off a bit in the sunshine. It was also the day after his birth. He is weighing right around 21 pounds now (fairly good sized for only a few days old), and he and Nevaeh are getting along well. She is just now his size, so she seems to be doing well for a little preemie. I hope to have more pictures of the two of them to show you soon. Thanks for stopping by.

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catt871 said...

Ok, is he not the cutest little thing EVER????????????????? I love the wet curly look.....too cute!!!