Monday, August 4, 2008

Two new females

Two maiden females will be added to the farm this week, so stay tuned for some pictures of our new additions. We don't have any pictures yet to show you, but Bonnie and Leonard went to see them on Saturday, and they will be bringing them home this week. One is Angel and the other Honey. Angel is due by the end of August, so we will have another cria on the farm as well. Won't Noah be happy to have someone to play with. Poor little guy has been picking on his mom and Aunt Faleen (maybe I should say poor girls), so a new little someone to romp and play with will probably be a fun addition for him as well. Then Faleen and Amber will both be giving birth the beginning of September, and then I believe Honey is due in October. So stay tuned for more pictures . . .

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