Saturday, February 7, 2009

Crias Then and Now . . .

Okay, yesterday I posted the crias in review from this past year, and their photos were mostly the day of their birth or within the week of their birth. Here are some photos of the crias now. :)

This first one is really blurry (sorry for that). It was bright and sunny outside of the barn roof area, but dark here underneath. This is Noah from early January. He is now over with the "big boys," and picks on them now, although not quite as much as he did the smaller crias. I think he was kinda put in his place by Warrior and Rafael's grumble. *wink*

This one is a picture of Nevaeh. She is getting quite a bit bigger than she was just a few short months ago. Hard to tell she was a preemie now. She is actually quite a bit taller than Zack, and she looks to be a little bigger than Joey (but the fluffy fleece can fool you). When they are shorn late spring, we will be able to really tell their size better.

Here's our little Shiphrah. When she gets out, she runs and runs and runs circles around the pasture getting everyone riled up. :) It is really funny to watch. Of course, you see she is more interested in the camera than where her mom is going.

Here are the "partners in crime." Well, not too much they can get into really, but where one is the other is sure to follow. This is a photo of Zack and Joey who were probably just nipping at one another's feet, if I know them.

And lastly, I just had to show you a newer photo of the "pups!" From left to right, Sophia now weighs in close to 90 lbs and Ariel is about 20 lbs behind her in weight. They are really doing well with the alpacas, bonding with them and learning they are there to protect and guard them. Sophie does her rounds around the perimeter while Ariel sits back and seems like she says, "I got your back, sis. Howl if you need me." lol They are sure beautiful dogs when they aren't wet from the snow, and Sophie can stand right up on her hind legs and put her paws on your shoulders, she is that tall already (although this is not encouraged for obvious reasons).

Hope you have enjoyed the newer photos of the little ones. I am sure there will be more photo opportunities in the spring when the frozen "tundra" we call Tioga county thaws out a bit.

We are also looking forward to another alpaca show towards the end of April in Harrisburg, and we will keep you informed if/when we go. Thanks for stopping by!


Kristine B. said...

oh WOW...they are all so adorable!! Fantastic job on the blog Kelly--it's so easy to read, and I LOVE that picture header!! Awww...those crias are just the cutest :) Thanks so much for sharing!!

Marcia P said...

I just want to cuddle them all! I can't get over how green it all is. Not like the farms here. And the blog facelift is awesome.

Thanks for sharing!

:) Marcia