Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Pics from Farm Day

The fall colors were out and coloring the countryside beautiful shades of reds, orange, and yellow. Although last weekend was a bit of a washout during Open Farm Day, we did have 9 visitors on Saturday between showers, and a couple of phone calls on Sunday asking to stop by and visit another weekend. Since the alpacas were pretty soggy and the dusty the usually adorn themselves with to keep the flies away had turned a bit muddy, we thought that was a good idea, too.
Typically the alpacas do not like to be out in the rain and will head to the barn, so having them away from the barn and the rest of the herd was a little bit distressing to them as well. We started out with Templar and Warrior in the first kennel out of the pasture and in the fresh green grass where it was more level for visitors to see them, but Raphael just was not happy that his buddies weren't in the pasture with him. So we had to bring him along too. They like to be together for sure (herd survival instinct I guess).
Then we brought Angel and Naveah down so the visitors would be able to see a cria and dam up close and possibly feel how soft her fleece is.
We had a table set up with raw fleece and some handmade items, and the other table to show the different grain, supplements, and feed that the alpacas are fed. There were hot dogs and drinks for refreshment and balloons for the children.

All in all, it was a great day for our family to get together and teach others a little bit about an alpaca farm. We can't wait to do it again!!

The picture above looks to be the crias playing tag. (Left to right) Noah, Joey and Nevaeh. They like to run around the tree and stop there like they are hiding from one another.
The bottom picture shows Zack and Joey. These two pal around together a lot. You don't usually see one without the other unless they are both nursing at the same time. Ironically, Zack is the white one with the brown mama in the picture. Joey is the brown one, and his mama is Amber, our white female.
Below: A little grazing and playing in the afternoon after the rain.

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Jessica G. said...

What sweet babies! Everyone looks very happy!